Christine Dixon art
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 I am transported by the visually sublime … there is so much beauty in nature and I believe we were created to share in the joy of complementing and collaborating with it. I think that is why I am drawn to realism. 

I work with the figure and still life predominantly.  Delicate illumination is a visual goal I try to achieve through the exploration of value and color. Muted colors and mid-tones are layered with contrasting colors or brighter/darker values to achieve depth and a bit of sparkle.

Occasionally, I try to inject an idea behind what I depict as I have discovered creating art can be a spiritual journey. Though I want my art to have meaning, it doesn’t always have to speak. Sometimes my works are metaphorical and sometimes they convey nothing but the beauty of silence. At times I can be anxious, preoccupied, and emotional but there is serenity in my works. If they speak at all, they do it softly.